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Art -project”The Bootleg Oscar” for the CityCelebrity Public Art project
autor:Oleg Buryan(Moscow-St-Petersburg)

In my project I was inspired by the ideas of Benjamin's groundbreaking
essay, "The Work of Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936)." In this piece,
Benjamin critiques the methods and motivations of image reproduction at the advent of
the Industrial Revolution (the inception of commercial filmmaking and mass print media).
It argues that art, largely because of its past placement in religious ritual, acquired a
kind of 'aura' giving its products an unique status. Benjamin claims that the authority or
autonomy of original works of art derives from their non-reproducibility (except as fakes)
which gives them a magical aura, a charismatic halo that surrounds authentic art objects
making them seem like holy relics; unique, irreplaceable and hence priceless, produced by
the hand of genius. He argues that this aura is eliminated by mass reproduction; appearing
in widely-distributed books, posters, postcards, T-shirts,CD'c,DVD's etc.
Tones of pirate production create the new points on this pure artistic problem.
In my work I”m focusing on important aspect of modern culture -counterfeit .
Russia -is worst pirate market in the world after China, that translates
into a home run for Hollywood, which says it loses well over $300 million a year in Russia.
Three days after the premiere, a grainy, camcorder copy of the
$100 million-plus budget movie was available on DVD for under $6. Two days later a pristine version
with interactive menu was on sale for the same price .Oscar lost his legs(smile)
Total losses to Russian and foreign companies from all forms of intellectual property theft clock in at between $4
billion and $6 billion, according to German Gref, Russia's former- minister of economic development and trade.
From other hand -many peoples get positive arguments for the “chance to bring art to the masses”.
After the great russian writer Anton Chehkov ,I can say-art is not medicine,but diagnosis.
Times Square,as the world crossroad -is a good place for discussion
So-to give back the “AURA”of art to counterfeit movie- discs-I want to use them as material for original sculpture.
As a symbol of intellectual property was taken image of Oscar and as material for sculpture -taken from russian police
arrested counterfeit DVD's of Oscar-winners films.
I planing to make elements of object inmy studio and just combine full sculpture on the place.
Figure of fake Oscar-is empty ,so-it is possible to put the light inside and water around.
Size of object - depence the surraunding.
In future  this
object could come to new Museum of Motion pictures(Oscar Museum)in Hollywood-who know?(smile)
Oleg Buryan(burjan59@yandex.ru)