At present time Kateryna Bortsova is a young scientist, painter – graphic artist, participant of many international exhibitions (Mini Print International, Cadaques, Spain; International biennial of Mini prints – Tetovo 2009, Macedonia; “Matrices 2010” International electrographic art exhibition of small forms, Budapest, Hungary etc.), prize-winner of a number of contests (silver medal in the category “realism” in participation in “Factory of visual art”, New York, USA).
Artist was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. 2007 – got the diploma of bachelor in the field of graphic arts; 2008 – got the diploma of master's degree in the field of fine arts and decoratively – applied arts. Now time she is a graduate student of Kharkov state Academy of Fine Arts. Her scientific interest consists in study of graphic legacy of the Ukrainian artists.
Kateryna Bortsova has enormous aspiration for self-perfection and development, energy; her creative work is characterized by originality and search for new forms. Frequently these forms are visualization of reflections and ideas, a narrative or symbolic embodiment of complex contents. To those who see works of Kateryna Bortsova for the first time, it seems, firstly, that they have literary basis – poetic, epic, folklore or dramatic source. But main source of these works – author’s imagination, the vision of the world that is peculiar only to her.
She works in different directions of graphic arts (easel and book graphics, poster) in different printing and manual techniques. Artist has brilliantly mastered graphic craftsmanship, worked out original artistic language, her own style and hand.
The works of Kateryna Bortsova presuppose internal preparedness, knowledge of material, ability to grow accustomed to this material, thinking by images that it gives rise to.
Kateryna’s creative process includes a work, that consists in studying of sources, collection of analogues, a work with them with pencil in her hand, sketching, studies, search of technique, analysis. The author resorts frequently to experiment, this can apply to both technique of implementation and compositional decision of the works.
The compositions of Kateryna Bortsova have tension, but none of them repeats the other; its own organizing scheme was developed, lines of force and nodes of maximal tension were determined for each of them.
It is not only interesting to look at Kateryna’s graphic sheets; it is necessary to think over and read carefully them. The themes of the works are every time experienced by creative personality as if artist is immediate part of happening. Author experiences sincerely what is happening in compositions. It is such perception of her works that is one of the main characteristics of Kateryna as an artist.

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