Elementary love / Amori Elementari

"Once upon a time" ... 
... Although it was only recently, and it was with us ... when the sky was brigt blue, the summer months were called vacation, laughter and tears were so natural, and life seemed as big as universe, or even more!
It was  in time when something happened with us ... so easy ... simple! FIRST LOVE CAME! It was so pure and sincere, and now, though the years, it is like  echo inside, it lives in our soul; sweet memories with gentle sadness ... tender feeling and tender age!
Italian  film director Sergio Basso in his new project raised very gentle, sincere, romantic theme of childhood and junior first love.
The main characters of the film - funny and energetic children 10-11 years old. They are passionate about sports achievements in hockey and figure skating, and new knowledge about everything. New unidentified feelings come first in their lives, "elementary" junior love ...
"Elementary love" or "Amore Elementari" is international film project, which united Italy and Russia. Film director Sergio Basso told about their international film group, their relationship and  friendship: "I would like to our world to be similar to our crew - for our team formed good relationships, we work hard together and divide the bread". Director loves  to work with  actors-children and he said  that he was very pleased with the work of Russian actors. Few months ago children started to learn Italian language, learn to skate, play hockey and thrives on the set. Actor Andrei Chernyshev, who plays the role of the father and a sports coach, told about  young actors only good and he proud them  for activity and good job on the set.
Filming began in Rome in the famous Italian film studio Cinecittà (Cinecitta), where famous Federico Fellini worked on some of his films. Second unit filming took place in Mozhaisk (Borodino) and in Moscow inthe Kazan  railwaystation, Varvarka and Arbat streets. Now crew continues the work on the film in Italy in the famous ski resort of Cortina in the Alps.
Premiere of "Elementary Love"  waiting in  December 2013.
Cast: Andrei Chernyshev, Olga Pogodina, Christiana Kapotondi, Alexander Kovtunets
Director Sergio Basso
Actor Christiana Kapotondi
The actors - children 
Enchanted by elementary love, Inna Chernova